Young Voices 2018

It was the best day of our lives. Everybody was buzzing with excitement on the chatty bus of children.  As soon as we entered the Genting Arena in Birmingham there were squeals of excitement.  The second we started practising you could tell we were all full of joy.  The conductor – David Lawrence- was really nice.  He understood how passionate we were and was enthusiastically chanting with us.  Before the rehearsal had commenced, we started slapping our knees twice then chanting “PINCHBECK!” That was fun! We practised all the songs and the order of the concert.

After tea the concert finally started and all the carers, friends and family came flooding into the arena. It was MASSIVE!   Darkness filled the arena until tiny torches were lit. Everyone was bubbling with pure happiness.  Gi-Gi, introduced us to the band and everyone in the arena, it was amazing.  We sang with all our hearts, lots of songs including You’re in the band, Africa, and Pop Medley.   Andy (from Urban Strides) even got the audience off their bottoms to dance for the 90’s Throwback.

At the end, everyone got on the bus. Most people slept on the way home (including us).  When we finally got home, we had pride and memories in our hearts forever.

By Paige, Sophia and Bella  (Class 11)