Key Stage 2 Years 5 and 6

The senior children are expected to be independent, self assured and capable of expressing themselves clearly in both the spoken and written word. Children should be able to work in a co-operative way with others and have good manners. They should also be able to respond properly to adults and see themselves as ambassadors for the school.

No child should leave without feeling that they have shared a wide range of opportunities and responsibilities. In their final year they will, in turn, become Playtime Partners and this will mean  they will be responsible for certain duties, such as answering the telephone, helping staff, meeting visitors and more importantly they will be expected to set a good example for the rest of the children at Pinchbeck East.  All children in Key Stage 2 study the National Curriculum and Religious Education.  The secondary selection exam (eleven plus) is held at the beginning of Year 6.  The children are assessed in English and Mathematics SATs in May of their final year.

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